Undertaker Calls His 'Live With Regis and Kathie Lee' Experience 'Miserable'

The Undertaker is looking back on his long career while making several media appearances. He is providing new information about his time in the ring, as well as a part of the job that he did not enjoy. In fact, Undertaker referred to appearances on Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee as "miserable."

The professional wrestler made the comments during an appearance on the YouTube series Hot Ones. Host Sean Evans asked him several questions about his entire wrestling career and appearances on talk shows. Specifically, he asked, "Did you get a kick out of appearing on those daytime TV shows and just kind of growling and grunting through interviews?"

"Absolutely miserable," Undertaker, whose real name is Mark Calaway, said about his appearances on daily talk shows, such as Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee. "Back then in the early 90s, I had no juice then. Right? I'm just one of the guys. And when the boss says, 'Hey, we want you to go on Regis and Kathie Lee,' you go on Regis and Kathie Lee."

Undertaker continued and explained that he showed up and did the interview, but he did not enjoy it. He said that the experience was miserable for both him and his character. He knew that making these appearances was part of the job, but he did not enjoy it.

The appearance took place in 1991. Undertaker and his on-screen manager Paul Bearer (Bill Moody) both showed up for Live! With Regis and Kelly and remained in character. Bearer was out on the set first in full makeup. Undertaker then walked out and just glared at the two TV hosts. Philbin attempted to shake the wrestler's hand but was unsuccessful.

Undertaker and Philbin had more than one interaction during the professional wrestler's career. They also took part in an interview during WrestleMania VII. Philbin asked Undertaker and Bearer questions, but they did not actually respond. The wrestler opted to use a measuring tape on Philbin and size him up for a casket.


Fast-forward to 1994, and Undertaker returned to the set of Live! With Regis and Kelly. He went to promote a casket match against Yokozuna, which Bearer said would be for the WWF Championship. The manager traded goofy faces with Gifford while Undertaker grunted answers to questions such as "what is your favorite hold?"

Yokozuna had a fear of caskets, but he was able to secure victory against Undertaker through some underhanded tactics. Several other wrestlers interfered with the match and helped steal Bearer's urn, which held Undertaker's power. Yokozuna ultimately locked his opponent in the casket and won the match.