Tom Brady Breaks All-Time NFL Record Against Patriots

Tom Brady continues to prove he's the greatest of all time. On Sunday night, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback became the NFL's all-time passing yards leader. It happened late in the first quarter when he completed a 28-yard pass to Mike Evans. Brady broke Drew Brees' record who finished his career with 80,358 passing yards.

It's fitting that Brady made NFL history (again) in New England considering he did set the majority of his records with the Patriots. He joined the Buccanneers last year after spending his first 20 seasons in Foxborough. Because of the success Brady has had in New England, Sunday's game is one of the most anticipated regular-season games in NFL history. However, Brady's focus during the week as he is all about getting a much-needed win. 

"I'm not going to necessarily reminisce," Brady said earlier in the week. "I don't think this is the moment for that. I'll have plenty of opportunities to reminisce about my football career — none of it, none of which I really care to do right now because I'm so much in the moment. I'm not going to be thinking about 20 years of history. I'm going to be thinking about one night of football, a Sunday night game coming off a really tough loss."    

One of the things fans were looking forward to is the matchup between Brady and Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. The two came to New England at the same time and won six Super Bowls together. When talking to reporters this week, Belichick was asked if Brady will play until he's 50. 


"Nothing Tom does surprises me," Belichick said. "He's a great player. Works hard and takes care of himself. I mean, he's talking about playing until 50. If anybody can do it, he probably can. ...I mean, they're leading the league in passing. They're leading the league in scoring. They play very well offensively. They execute well, and they have a lot of good plays. They string a lot of good plays together. They do the little things as well. They do the big things well, so, again, he's part of a good team. They have a good offensive line. They have good tight ends. They have good backs. They have good receivers, and they put it all together consistently."