Tiger Woods' Alleged Mistresses Prepping Tell-Alls, and They Could Mean Trouble

Golfer Tiger Woods is currently recovering at his home after a single-car rollover crash on Feb. 23. While he continues to rehab, the sports world preps for two new tell-all books from his alleged mistresses. Both Jamie Jungers, 38, and Rachel Uchitel, 45, are releasing books detailing their time with Woods.

According to The Sun, Jungers said that she was "deeply in love" with Woods during their reported time together. She said that they were so close and that they used to have "intimate conversations" about everything. Jungers said that Woods used to visit her in Las Vegas during her time living in the desert city. She also claimed that he would fly her out to Los Angeles every other week to visit his home by the ocean.

"I was there when his father died and I remember how quiet and sad he was," Jungers told The Sun in an interview. "He didn’t cry but it was clear he was in a lot of pain." She continued and said that she hopes the book, "Captured By Grace," will help them have a reunion of sorts. "We have been through so much together so I would like to see him and see that he is getting past all the bad stuff we both experienced."

Jungers said that she is not "in love" with Woods anymore and that she has feelings of care and concern. She believes that they will cross paths eventually and discuss similar situations that they have shared. Jungers didn't reveal when the tell-all would hit shelves, but she provided a general timeline. "I have a ghost-writer and the book is finished, so I hope it will be out in the next month or two at the latest," she said.


Uchitel also unveiled plans for her tell-all book during a recent sitdown with Heather McDonald on The Juicy Scoop. She explained that she had started to write a book about her relationships after people said that the alleged relationship with Woods was the "least interesting thing" about her.

"And I decided to really start working on a book on the relationships I've had and found that they are all weaved together by one common bond and that was that I was drawn to them by an addiction to love which I really found out through my stint at Celebrity Rehab," Uchitel added. She explained that she "got wrapped up" in all of the attention from Woods during their time together. Uchitel also said that she "suffered from low self-esteem" due to past "trauma" in her life.