'The Game' Star Hosea Chanchez Reveals His Favorite NFL Player (Exclusive)

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Hosea Chanchez stars and produces the reboot of The Game which is streaming now on Paramount+. He plays the role of Malik Wright, who's a star quarterback that has won three championships. With The Game being focused on professional football, it leads to the question of who is Chanchez's favorite NFL player/team? PopCulture.com recently caught up with the 42-year old actor who revealed he's not only a fan of any NFL team but loves an all-time great. 

"I'm a Tom Brady fan. I love watching him play," Chanchez told PopCulture. "Yeah. I love watching, I like players. So I'm less about teams versus players, which is weird. Yeah, and I really enjoy his sportsmanship. ...I value anybody who will do whatever it takes to be successful at their job. Good and bad. Not immoral though like no, can't be doing moral things, but yeah. Yeah. So I'm a player, I'm a player fan."

Like Chanchez's character in The Game, Brady has had his share of success, winning seven Super Bowls, five Super Bowl MVP awards, three NFL MVP awards and is the NFL's all-time passing leader. Brady has also had to overcome his share of obstacles to get to where he wanted to be, just like Malik in The Game

The reboot of The Game continues the story of Malik and his pro football career. He was moved to Las Vegas from San Diego hoping to become an owner and put his playing days behind him. "I think the move to Vegas is all for Malik in so many ways," Chanchez said. "However, in the end, it will shift the trajectory of this character. It's going to change him like a hard change in who he is, which is really consistent with what is happening in the NFL with our guys right now in this world. There's a lot of shifts and changes happening. 

"A lot of people are contending with their lives, their mortality, their family, their rights, who they are, where they're going and freedom and so many different things that our athletes are fighting for on the front line for a lot of us to get to explore that is where the beauty of it all is for me. New episodes of The Game will be available every Thursday on Paramount+.