Surfer Bethany Hamilton Joins NOW Sports as Newest Ambassador (Exclusive)

Professional surfer Bethany Hamilton is one of the busiest extreme sports athletes. Along with her career and growing family, she also creates content for her social media profile, as well as her array of Unstoppable Life courses. Add to that list an ambassador for NOW Sports, a nutrition and wellness company based in Illinois.

Following the announcement that she is joining NOW, Hamilton answered questions through email to discuss her decision. She explained why she selected NOW and listed some of her favorite products. Hamilton also detailed her training schedule, helping people cope with depression during the COVID-19 pandemic and how she balances a very busy life.

"I really appreciate NOW Foods as an overall brand that's literally a one-stop-shop for so many of my sports nutrition needs, but also family nutrition," Hamilton told in an email. "They focus on quality as well, which is essential to me! It was an excited yes to partner with NOW!" Hamilton also explained that she uses a wide variety of products from the new company in several different ways. The list includes BCAA BIG 6, MCT whey protein, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Hyaluronic Acid, Bee Pollen and Brewers Yeast.

Like many other extreme sports athletes, Hamilton doesn't spend all of her time on her surfboard. She has to find other ways to keep her body ready on a daily basis. She posts many examples of her workouts on social media, several of which feature kettlebells and the Assault Bike.

"Yeah, I love cross-training," Hamilton said. "I start with posture and body alignment focused movements but I also do strength training, plyometric work and more. It's all very functional fitness style that's for my body and sport. ... the Assault Bike kicks my booty every time! I often incorporate some Tabata sprints in my workouts on more cardio-focused days!"

Hamilton is an extremely busy person considering all of her daily pursuits. The Unstoppable Life courses, for example, are her way to help people overcome challenges in a very trying time. There are courses focusing on overcoming obstacles, mindset, forgiveness and letting go of comparisons among others.

Hamilton and her husband share two children with a third on the way. Finding ways to work out, surf, create daily content and spend time with her family could become very hectic, but Hamilton has a strong support system that makes this process much easier for her.


"Life is an endless balance of flow between getting work done, but also just enjoying the life we have in front of us!" she explained. "I focus on being present so that I can love those around me well but also so I can get the work I need to get done in a timely focused fashion. My hubby team works a lot of what I do, making the load a lot lighter on me. We also have a team of like-minded people who are passionate about inspiring the world to live their best most Unstoppable life too! It is such a joy to be a mom, but also to get surfing in and to share positive messages out there!"