Dodgers: Justin Turner's COVID-19 Debacle Skewered by Comedian Brent Terhune

Los Angeles Dodgers player Justin Turner sparked criticism on Tuesday by running onto the field to [...]

Los Angeles Dodgers player Justin Turner sparked criticism on Tuesday by running onto the field to celebrate with his teammates after winning the World Series. The reason for the comments is that Turner had tested positive for COVID-19 midway through the game, but he still mingled with other people. Now comedian Brent Terhune is taking aim at the MLB player.

Terhune posted a video on Twitter Wednesday that showed him holding a "baseball bat," which was actually a random stick. He had a facemask, but it was dangling from one ear — although he did use the mask to cover his eyes at certain points. Terhune started the video by saying that he wanted to thank God and his teammates before leaning in and coughing on the camera. He then proceeded to skewer Turner and his decision to celebrate on the field.

"Does COVID make you gain a lot of weight, or is it just me?" Terhune asked in the video. He also said that he "peed on the stick" because it said "POS" on the label but the results didn't come back until midway through the game. "I don't see what the big deal is. I quarantined for two innings," Terhune joked. He also had some fun joking about Dr. Anthony Fauci's first pitch at a Washington Nationals game.

The jokes continued with comments about taking the offseason to recover and spitting in the celebratory Gatorade before dumping it on the head coach. Terhune also said that the players could just pour hydroxychloroquine in their Monster energy drinks and get back out onto the practice field.

The positive test surfaced midway through Game 6, forcing the Dodgers to pull Turner from the lineup and put him into isolation. He was supposed to remain in isolation, but he headed out onto the field to celebrate and hoist the trophy. MLB responded by releasing a statement saying that the player "refused to comply" with officials telling him to leave.

"Following the Dodgers' victory, it is clear that Turner chose to disregard the agreed-upon joint protocols and the instructions he was given regarding the safety and protection of others," the statement said as reported by ESPN. "While a desire to celebrate is understandable, Turner's decision to leave isolation and enter the field was wrong and put everyone he came in contact with at risk. When MLB Security raised the matter of being on the field with Turner, he emphatically refused to comply."