What It's Like Being 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin's Neighbor

Living in an entertainment hub like Los Angeles increases the likelihood you'll run into someone famous. However, in some instances, you'd only have to walk next door to chat with a celeb. That was the case for G4 host Kassem Gharaibeh (best known as Kassem G), who used to live next door to WWE legend "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. On the June 29 episode of the talk show Attack of the Show: Vibe Check, Kassem recently shared the casual pleasantries that came with being an acquaintance of the iconic wrestler.

"I spent a lot of my teen years watching wrestlers, idolizing these guys, these big oily muscle-bound men, and then one day, I move into a new neighborhood, guess who my neighbor is? The Texas Rattlesnake himself: 'Stoneathan Cold Steven Austin,'" the YouTube/Twitch personality quipped. "That's what he goes by in real life; you wouldn't know because he [was] my neighbor."

While in discussion with fellow G4 personalities Alex "Goldenboy" Mendez and Jirard "The Completionist" Khalil, Kassem went on to describe Austin as "a good neighbor" who would often comment on his truck.

"I have a nice truck, and I think he likes trucks," Kassem recalled. "He's from the South, big truck guy. And I caught him just outside staring at my truck one day, and he's like 'You ever take this thing out?' and I go, 'Well you know, not so much. I've been real busy now, but I used to when I was younger.'" The WWE Hall of the Famer would joke that Kassem should hand over the keys and let him take it for a spin. 

Kassem, who also co-hosts the podcast Pajama Pants, also noted that Austin would often be spotted on a ride that's a bit different from the ATVs or monster trucks he'd drive at WWE events. "Here's how you know he was my neighbor. I only saw him wear camo (and) camo accessories, but we lived on the west side of town and, notoriously, there's a ton of traffic on the weekends on the west side," he explained. "You really can't drive around, so what he would do is he would hop on a little scooter — full camo head to toe: camo hat, camo Under Armour — he would 'buzz buzz' around town on his little scooter.

"If it wasn't the scooter, he was getting in his — I think he had a big (Ford) Bronco or something, but his dog was always in the car with him cruising around." 

Vehicle banter aside, the Maker Studios co-founder stressed that Austin was nothing but an upstanding member of the community, saying, "This is the type of guy you want in your neighborhood, you know?"

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