Comedy TV Show Moves to New Night

A fan-favorite comedy TV show is moving to a new night! After being a Tuesday night mainstay since premiering in the fall alongside a revamped version of Xplay, G4TV's wild variety program, Attack of the Show!, is making the move to Wednesday nights.

The switch-up was announced by G4TV's "Phil from Marketing" in a Monday, July 11 blog post, in which he wrote, "Change is good. Or so we've been told.... So, we're changing things up a bit. We swear it's for the better!" As part of the change, Attack of the Show! is set to move from Tuesdays to Wednesdays, though its 7 p.m. ET timeslot is remaining the same. The changes aren't exclusive to Attack of the Show! Fellow G4TV series Xplay will continue airing new episodes on Tuesdays, though it is moving to the 7 p.m. timeslot. Attack of the Show: Vibe Check, meanwhile, is moving to the Tuesday evening at 5:30 p.m. timeslot.

Addressing the changes, the blog post explained that those at G4TV "want to give you more back-to-back days with us, no distractions. Unless they're our brilliant distractions, of course. Thank you Splunther. We want to give you more places to watch us LIVE. 'Cause who wants to miss moments like this or this? We want to give you places that make more sense to catch our VODs, such as our recent (and awesome) chat with Atari's new CEO, Wade Rosen. And that's it, really." The post went on to promise "the change will be worth it."

The Attack of the Show! reboot has been off to a stellar start since premiering in the fall alongside a revamped version of Xplay. The series premiered in late November as a reboot of the original Attack of the Show!, which ended in early 2013, just prior to the end of the network's original run on Nov. 30, 2014. G4TV relaunched in November 2021 with reboots of both Attack of the Show and Xplay, which had been flagship series during its original run. Attack of the Show features segments on pop culture, video games, and movies and is hosted by Kevin Pereira.


New episodes of Attack of the Show! Are now set to air Wednesdays at 7 p.m. ET. Edited versions are later shown on G4TV's linear cable channel, YouTube TV and G4 Select, the network's Pluto TV channel. The show also has three spinoffs, Vibe Check, Fresh Ink and The Loop, which can also be found on G4's platforms.