Rob Dyrdek's Eye-Opening 'Ridiculousness' Salary Raises Eyebrows With Fans

Rob Dyrdek has become the face of modern MTV in an unexpected way, and he's paid handsomely for [...]

Rob Dyrdek has become the face of modern MTV in an unexpected way, and he's paid handsomely for it. Initially becoming well known during his time on Rob & Big, following it with Fantasy Factory soon after. After these successes, Dyrdek pitched Ridiculousness to the network while also pitching a new contract for his pay per episode.

Ridiculousness currently chokes up the MTV schedule on a daily basis, debuting in 2011 and running several times a day. Dyrdek's pitch called for the series to be a "faster and cooler" version of America's Funniest Home Videos. With this pitch, the former pro skater hopped up into a new tax bracket almost instantly.

"I knew how bad [MTV] wanted me to do a show," Dyrdek told Dear Media's Trading Secrets in July. "I was probably getting $35K an episode of Rob & Big, and they offered me $125K an episode to do a fourth season of Rob & Big or do another show."

A kicker for Ridiculousness is how Dyrdek secured the integrations rights on the reality series. This opened the door for him to broker his own product placement deals. "Now, I sold deals to Chevy, Microsoft. I sold all my own deals that I wrote episodes around for the television show," he said. "I did all of that by owning that platform. I was making $125K an episode — which was pretty unprecedented from a talent fee perspective — but I was making millions because I owned the platform."

The former professional skater's fans and MTV viewers weighed in on the salary reveal, praising Dyrdek for his entrepreneural skills. "Alright man.. what's Rob Dyrdek's net worth? This is getting out of hand [MTV]," one fan wrote noting how much Ridiculousness was on TV. "Rob dyrdek. was never the top skateboarder, but entrepreneurial skills made him second to Tony hawk in net worth among skateboarders," another added.

His prior success on MTV and his quick thinking made Dyrdek a major success for the network. His net worth currently sits at $100 million according to InTouch Weekly. And to achieve that success, Dyrdek has to keep a tight schedule that is scheduled to the second.

"I live a perfectly balanced life, where I spend 32 percent of my time sleeping, 32 percent of the time working and about 30 percent with my family and wife and friends," Dyrdek explains. "[It's a] fully balanced-by-design life."