Patrick Mahomes Toe Injury Update: What to Know

Patrick Mahomes is looking to win his second straight Super Bowl as the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (the game can be seen for free). But when the game comes to an end, the 25-year-old quarterback will have to take care of a toe injury. According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Mahomes is expected to see a foot specialist and will likely have surgery on his injured toe. It's expected that the toe won't heal on its own.

Mahomes has dealt with the injury for the last few weeks. He suffered the injury during the Chiefs' divisional round playoff game against the Cleveland Browns. It's the same game where Mahomes suffered a head injury and was forced the leave the playoff matchup early. One source told Rapoport, "It's amazing how good he's looked considering the issue" with the injury.

During Super Bowl week, Mahomes gave an update on his injured toe. "Having these two weeks to let it rest and heal up," he said, "especially being almost three weeks, over three weeks away from the injury itself. If you look at those type of injuries, that kind of gives you the normal timeline. Definitely every single day that I get to rest it, makes it better."

Despite the injury, Mahomes has been able to play at a high level. In the two playoff games before the Super Bowl, Mahomes threw four touchdowns passes and had a completion percentage of over 70. The Chiefs entered the Super Bowl as a small favorite and Mahomes was listed as the favorite to win the Super Bowl MVP award.


"I think that's more of a long-term thing than a short-term thing," Mahomes said when asked about being compared to Tom Brady. "You have to focus on, for me, trying to find a way to repeat, find a way to win a second championship and find a way to do whatever I can to win with this team. You don't get these opportunities every year in the NFL to be in the Super Bowl and to be in these games, so you don't want to look back and have regrets on how you played or how you went about the week before preparing to go out there to play your best football."