Patrick Mahomes and Fiancee Brittany Matthews Share Adorable Video of Baby Sterling Bouncing

Patrick Mahomes and his fiancée Brittany Matthews are enjoying life as new parents to their [...]

Patrick Mahomes and his fiancée Brittany Matthews are enjoying life as new parents to their daughter Sterling. Since welcoming their daughter, the couple has been showcasing photos and videos of their daughter on social media. In one of their latest posts, baby Sterling can be seen bouncing around and dancing along as Soulja Boy's "Rick N' Morty" plays, and it may just be the cutest clip you'll see all day.

On Saturday, Matthews posted the clip of her five-month-old daughter. Sterling dances around in the video, bouncing around in her Jolly Jumper. The little one, dressed in a confetti print onesie with a pink bow on her head, can be seen bouncing around on a pink monogrammed blanket with her name on it. In the caption for the photo, Matthews joked that her fiancé "made" her do it in reference to the choice of song that was playing along with the adorable video.

Matthews and Mahomes welcomed their first child on Feb. 20, per Yahoo. While they have since posted photos with their daughter's face visible, the new parents decided against showcasing photos of their child when she was first born. Matthews wrote on her Instagram Story in February about their decision, "We will share photos of her when we [feel] the time is right. I know the Internet will instantly take the photos of her and share everywhere so just preparing myself for my newborn baby girl to be shared to the world! Right now we are just soaking in every minute with her."

Of course, as fans can clearly see, the two have since showcased their daughter's face on their social media accounts. According to the athlete, it was a joint decision that he and Matthews made in regards to sharing such updates about their child. Mahomes told PEOPLE in early August, "Well, first we didn't want to [show her in photos], especially when she was so young. We wanted to kind of keep that stuff personal to us and so we kept some of the photos and stuff like that for a while. And then it kind of got to a point where we had her all the time and we enjoyed being with her so much and we were tired of hiding her from everybody."

The football player added, "So it wasn't that we were trying to show her to the world, I guess in a sense; we were just tired of having to hide her everywhere we went. We wanted her to be a part of our lives because she is such a big part of it."