Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes Announces Birth of Baby Daughter

Patrick Mahomes revealed in September that he and fiancee Brittany Matthews were expecting their [...]

Patrick Mahomes revealed in September that he and fiancee Brittany Matthews were expecting their first child, exciting fans. Sunday, he revealed that Matthews had given birth to their baby daughter, as well as the name. Mahomes also confirmed that their child was born on Saturday.

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback posted a photo that showed a tiny hand clutching onto his and Matthews' hands. The QB's fiancee wore a simple necklace that said "Sterling" in cursive letters. "Sterling Skye Mahomes 2/20/21 [heart emoji]" Mahomes wrote in the caption of the photo. Matthews posted the same photo and revealed that the child weighed six pounds, 11 ounces.

"A massive congratulations to you both on the newest addition to your family!" wrote professional soccer player Desiree Scott. Several others weighed in and showed their excitement about the new addition to the family. Many said that Mahomes would be the best dad ever. Texas Tech, the university that Mahomes attended, also commented and proclaimed that Sterling would graduate in the class of 2039.

Prior to giving birth, Matthews posted several photo updates for fans. She showed herself and Mahomes taking very regal maternity photos while dressed to the nines. She also posted another set of images that featured a pink backdrop. "Ready to meet you baby girl," Matthews captioned the post. Less than 24 hours later, Mahomes revealed that she had given birth.

When Matthews posted these photos, she dealt with several Instagram trolls. Several people took aim at her dress and said that it didn't make her "look skinny." Others called her dust-colored dress an "abomination" and proclaimed that it was not flattering. Matthews saw the criticism and fired back with strong words.

"Well, ladies, not trying to look 'skinny' in my maternity pics, I'm very pregnant and not trying to make myself not look pregnant," Matthews wrote in her Instagram Stories. She also fired back with some strong comments toward those being critical. "Women being hateful to other women on social media seriously needs to stop! If you have nothing nice to say, THEN STFU."

Now that Matthews and Mahomes have welcomed Sterling, the fans can follow the family's journey while waiting for each new photo. The fitness trainer provides several updates about daily life on social media, and this trend will likely continue now that she is a mother.