Patrick Mahomes' Fiancee Brittany Matthews Reveals New Pregnancy Workout Video

Brittany Matthews, the fiance of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, revealed in late September that she was pregnant. Nearly two months later, she is providing workouts for other expecting mothers. Matthews has a workout guide releasing at the end of November, but she just provided the first glimpse.

Matthews posted a series of videos on her Instagram profile that served as a teaser for her upcoming workout guide. She showed herself doing a series of exercises while incorporating a minimal range of equipment. She had stackable benches and different sets of dumbbells. One video also featured her two dogs as they joined her for the workout and provided some distractions.

"I spy a little bump! So cute!" one Instagram user commented after watching the series of workout videos. Several others weighed in and mentioned the baby bump. They proclaimed that they are "so excited" about the upcoming child, especially after Matthews revealed the gender.

"Baby Girl," Matthews wrote in an Instagram post that served as the gender reveal. She and Mahomes shot a confetti gun, which was filled with pink confetti. "P.s- Yes, my dogs walked down a runway with pink paws for the reveal," she added. The gender reveals followed Mahomes appearing on 610 Sports Radio and revealing if he had a preference about the gender of their child.


"No, I'm just super excited to hopefully have a healthy baby and someone I'll be able to love for the rest of my life," Mahomes said at the time. He added that 2020 had been a very educational year for him due to everything he has learned. "I think it's just about growing up, about having the responsibility and evolving as a family. I think we've done that — me and Brittany, and the people around me — and I'm just excited for the future ahead of being able to keep building and keep becoming a better person for my family and this world."

When Mahomes and Matthews announced the pregnancy, some fans asked when the happy couple will walk down the aisle and exchange vows. Mahomes proposed in early September that the Chiefs' players received their Super Bowl LIV rings on the same day. He popped the question in a luxury suite at Arrowhead Stadium, which happened to have massive bouquets everywhere, as well as rose petals on the ground.