Paige Teases WWE Comeback With Latest Tweet

Paige could be on her way to making a big comeback. On Sunday, the WWE Superstar went to Twitter [...]

Paige could be on her way to making a big comeback. On Sunday, the WWE Superstar went to Twitter to tease a return to in-ring action after being away for a few years. In the tweet, Paige wrote "I'm not done yet," and that got her fans talking.

"The actual catalyst for the revolution' as far as im concerned," one fan wrote. "Watching her in NXT before the 4 Horsewomen showed up all I could think was "damn she's special, she's better than these women...hell she could wrestle men believably because she's so good." So I hope she's healthy." Another fan is also hoping Paige can comeback strong than before.

"Fight for your dreams," the person wrote. "And someday you will accomplish them. Never let the doubters, the naysayers, the cyber bullies, or those fantastic keyboard warriors keep you from your goals. Fight hard, fight strong. [Edge] and [Daniel Bryan] did it. One day you will too." Paige hasn't competed in a WWE match since December 27, 2017. She announced her retirement on the April 9, 2018 episode of Raw, but when she was on her Twitch stream Sunday, Paige let everyone know her career is not over.

"I'm not done yet," she said per Fightful. "This is going to be my comeback story. I'm inspired. I'm so inspired by the people coming back to wrestling and the more I think about it, I'm like, 'Okay, mentally, I'm ready to go.' I'm going to start working around, getting in the ring a little bit. Maybe. We'll see. This is not saying I'm making a comeback tomorrow. It's a long f—ing road. I still have to get cleared by doctors, I have to get cleared by WWE.

"It's such a big process, but emotionally, I'm ready. The past few months, I didn't think I was emotionally ready, but no, I'm f—ing ready to get back on the horse. Even if it takes me a year. One step at a time, build to it, that's exactly what I'm doing. There's a whole journey and it's going to take some time." Paige is one of the key members of the women's revolution in WWE. She was the first NXT Women's Champion and won the Divas Championship twice.