WWE's Paige Missed 'SmackDown' Due to Coronavirus Travel Concerns

Facing coronavirus concerns, WWE moved Friday Night SmackDown to the Performance Center in [...]

Facing coronavirus concerns, WWE moved Friday Night SmackDown to the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. The decision was made to remove any potential risks to attendees and athletes alike. However, there was one wrestler not in attendance. Paige was absent and unable to face off with Bayley.

According to Cageside Seats, the WWE star's absence was mentioned during the broadcast. She was dealing with a "travel issue" that resulted in her being absent from the evening's bouts. Paige later confirmed this news with a post on Twitter.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet's Ryan Satin, Paige did not travel to Florida due to coronavirus concerns. This was a common issue late last week as travelers canceled their flights while attempting to avoid any potential health concerns.

"A shame you couldn't be there to take part in this bizarre and unusual event but if things don't work out, things don't work out. Stay safe," one wrestling fan wrote in response. There were several that were disappointed by Paige's absence, but many others understood. They were also concerned about some risks related to her recent emergency surgery.

Paige underwent surgery on March 5 to remove an ovarian cyst. This was not a planned procedure, which led many fans to react with concern about any potential complications. However, the WWE star later provided an update and revealed that she was recovering.

"Just an update. I'm fine you guys! No more pain and healthy [as f—]! Haha just another small speed bump. I'm used to it. Haha so thankful for [Ronnie Radke]," Paige wrote on Twitter following the procedure. This post was met with an outpouring of support from wrestling fans that were simply happy to see her up and about in the hospital.

The fans felt that it was understandable that Paige would not be traveling due to coronavirus concerns, and they didn't want her to take any chances with her health. This was a common theme throughout the responses as various users wrote messages calling for her to "be safe."

Paige may have been absent on March 13, but there is an opportunity for her to return for the next Friday Night SmackDown. The March 20 episode is scheduled to take place in New Orleans, but there is a scenario in which it is also moved to the Performance Center. Regardless of venue, the fans are hoping that Paige will make a return to the ring.

Photo Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images