O.J. Simpson Just Made a TikTok About Drinking Disinfectants

Former NFL running back O.J. Simpson has created numerous conversations on social media in the years since he joined Twitter. Every post has drawn attention and elicited murder-tinged comments. Now "The Juice" has moved to TikTok and has released a video about drinking disinfectant.

Simpson posted a video on TikTok recently that was meant to poke fun at President Donald Trump and his comments about disinfectant. The president asked about the possibility of injecting disinfectant in an effort to kill COVID-19, which sparked critical comments on social media. Simpson's video featured a bottle of bleach and cans of disinfectant spray as references to this press conference. Bon Jovi's "Bad Medicine" served as the soundtrack for the video.

As the TikTok showed, Simpson didn't bother to drink the bleach in order to fight the coronavirus. He attempted to taste the Lysol spray but didn't like the flavor. Finally, he pulled out a can of Raid bug spray.

"OJ Simpson is making Tik Toks about cleaning supplies. What the f—. The future is weird as f—," one person wrote on Twitter after watching the video. Others responded by asking Simpson how he became an expert on killing things. Although one simply said that the former NFL running back was "murdering the social media game."

While the majority of Twitter users were having fun making jokes about murder and knife-related crimes, there was one that had a vastly different question. They wanted to know why Simpson hasn't been verified on Twitter yet. The Juice has nearly one million followers on the social media platform, and his tweets receive significant engagement on a daily basis.

Simpson has released many videos on Twitter and TikTok amid the coronavirus pandemic, some of which have focused on its impact on his life. He is no longer able to play golf at the moment due to Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak shutting down courses. The reason for this decision was that those hitting the links weren't following the CDC recommendations for social distancing.


"I play with a lot of different guys, one of the groups is an older group where 3 of the guys are over 80 and two of them had strokes," Simpson said in early April. "They don't have dogs to walk and couldn't if they wanted to. Their only exercise is golf. So, unfortunately, they won't be able to play golf so I just hope they find other ways to get outdoors and get some exercise."

The courses have not reopened, leaving Simpson without his favorite pastime. Instead of swinging a golf club, he has been creating TikTok videos. The fans have been fascinated by this development and fully expect it to continue in the coming weeks.