O.J. Simpson Reveals Christmas Came Early for Him, and Social Media Has Thoughts

Prior to the start of the NFL's regular season, former Buffalo Bills running back O.J. Simpson turned heads with a rant on Twitter due to Andrew Luck retiring. He was upset due the effect on his fantasy football team. The retirement didn't ruin Simpson's season, however, as he recently won the championship belt in his league.

Tuesday morning, Simpson posted a video on Twitter that showed him wearing pajamas, a robe, and a wrestling-inspired championship belt. The Juice revealed that the Monday night game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers played a major role in his victory due to quarterback Kirk Cousins keeping it too close. Ultimately, he became the first Buffalo Bills player to "win the Super Bowl."

With this news, the fans on social media reacted to the situation with a variety of supportive comments and jokes about Simpson's past legal issues. Even retired MLB player Lenny Dykstra weighed in on the fantasy victory, as well as Simpson's phrasing. "'Letting those guys almost catch me'... Do I really need to comment on that?!" Dykstra said on Twitter.

"No matter WHICH WAY YOU SLICE IT, OJ comes out untouched," one user commented on Twitter. While some fans legitimately were happy to see Simpson win his fantasy football league, others had more fun making puns about certain legal situations from years past. In fact, one user even posted a video of Simpson's Ford Bronco with the description that he was on his way for the celebrations.

For those that have followed Simpson on Twitter throughout the football season, they felt that this fantasy victory was impressive considering the losses that he had. Losing Andrew Luck as his starting quarterback was one early hit to the roster, but Simpson was also left without Antonio Brown following his release from both the Oakland Raiders and the New England Patriots.

Losing his top receiver and quarterback could have spelled doom for Simpson's fantasy prospects. However, he responded with a run to the playoffs and the eventual victory in the Super Bowl. Although there were some fans on social media that questioned the authenticity of this win.


"Why do I feel like his opponents let him win," one user asked on Tuesday morning. Others wanted Simpson to post the list of other teams so they would know that an actual league existed.

Photo Credit: Steve Marcus-Pool/Getty