O.J. Simpson Vents Frustration Over Golf Courses Closing Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

O.J. Simpson is not happy with his current golf situation. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the state of Nevada has shut down all the golf courses. Simpson has been seen on Twitter golfing, and when he heard the news of no more golf, he went to Twitter to share his frustration.

"I play with a lot of different guys, one of the groups is an older group where 3 of the guys are over 80 and two of them had strokes," Simpson said "They don't have dogs to walk and couldn't if they wanted to. Their only exercise is golf. So, unfortunately, they won't be able to play golf so I just hope they find other ways to get outdoors and get some exercise." The move of golf courses being shut down was made by Gov. Steve Sisolak, and the reasons he did it was the fact golfers weren't following the social distancing rules.

"The only thing that will stop this virus, and I'll say it over and over again, is social distancing and responsible behavior," Sisolak said per News 3 in Las Vegas. "I am ordering sporting and recreational venues that encourage social congregation, including golf courses, public basketball, and tennis courts, and publicly accessible swimming pools, to close for the duration of the state of the emergency."

Joe Kelly, pro golf Hall of Famer who works at the Las Vegas National Golf Club, spoke to News 3 about the move. He said: "We started the rakes out of the bunker, we sanitize flag sticks, we put inserts in the holes so the people don't have to touch the bottom of the hole that other people have touched. We stripped down all of the golf carts - taking the coolers off the carts, sand bottles, pencils, scorecards - we completely sanitize the carts after every round. We encourage one player per golf cart, we sanitize the range baskets and balls before they get them, and we changed our tee times from 10-minute intervals to 15-minute intervals so there are fewer people on the golf course at one time."


Simpson will now have to find a new hobby to pass the time. It's likely we could be seeing more of the Hall of Fame running back on social media, as he's been posting memes that involve him and the coronavirus pandemic.