Myles Garrett Dishes on His COVID-19 Symptoms: 'I Was in Pain'

Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett tested positive for COVID-19 on Nov. 20, sending him into isolation. He is back in the starting lineup after receiving negative tests, but the former first-overall pick is providing information about his symptoms. He admitted that the coronavirus was a more difficult opponent than he expected.

"[I'm] a lot better," Garrett told reporters on Friday, per He explained that he was in pain and dealt with fever, aches and losing his sense of smell. "It wasn’t the greatest time. I wasn’t one of those asymptomatic cases, even though leading up to it, I thought I would be. My parents had it. It kicked their butt. I had it. It kicked my butt. Now, I am back." Now that Garrett has a clean bill of health, he will help the 8-3 Browns try to defeat the 8-3 Titans.

Garrett previously missed two games due to the positive coronavirus test, removing him from the top of the sacks list. The Browns' star led the league with 9.5 sacks, placing him in contention for Defensive Player of the Year. However, TJ Watt of the Steelers passed his AFC North rival during the two-game absence after reaching 11 sacks on the season. Aaron Donald of the Rams took second place by increasing his total to 10.

While Garrett may not sit atop the list anymore, he plans to make a major impact and potentially surpass both Watt and Donald in the remaining games. However, his primary goal is to secure a victory against the Titans. Garrett told reporters that he plans on making an impact as he did before the positive test.

"I’m not here to make a cameo appearance or a second-rate arrival," Garrett explained. "I’m here to do the job that I was doing before, and I don’t think there will be any drop-off. I wouldn’t give anything other than my best. I feel like that’s at the very top of the defensive line rankings."


Garrett explained that he intends to register some sacks and game-changing plays, such as a forced fumble. He will also try to put his teammates in a position to make a similar impact. The ultimate goal is to win the game against the Titans and move closer to a playoff berth, and Garrett is focusing on achieving it.

"I’m not going to put myself before them and try to get stats," he said. "They’re empty if they don’t lead to a win or lead to us getting off the field or takeaways. I am just trying to do whatever I can for us to have the best chance of succeeding together."