Michael Jordan's Daughter Jasmine Breaks Silence Over Mother Juanita's Absence From 'The Last Dance'

The Last Dance gives an inside look at famed basketball star, Michael Jordan and his time with the Chicago Bulls, but what the 10-part docuseries didn't look at is his family life — specifically in terms of the relationship he had with first wife, Juanita, and his three children, Jeffrey, Marcus and Jasmine. This week, Jasmine talked to Essence on Facebook Live about her mother's absence from The Last Dance, admitting it wasn't really all that necessary.

"At the end of the day, if you'd ask my mom, she lived it," Jasmine said, as transcribed by Entertainment Tonight. "There's no need to go down memory lane and bring up everything that has already happened when the proof is in the pudding." Jasmine went on to talk about how Juanita attended some big moments in Jordan's life, including the NBA Finals and when he retired. "She was at the championship. She was at the retirement ceremony," she added. "We saw her in her glory… so no, I don't think there's a need to rehash and go through it all. She already lived it."

Jordan, who won six NBA titles and five MVP awards, married Juanita in 1989, but the couple divorced in 2006. Juanita ended up getting a reported $168 million in the divorce. While that might be a lot of money, Jordan can definitely afford it as his net worth sits at $2.1 billion. Jordan went on to marry his longtime girlfriend Yvette Prieto in 2013, and the couple welcomed twin daughters — Ysabel and Victoria — the following year. Jordan's divorce happened three years after he retired from the NBA. At that time, Jasmine was 10 years old, and when talking about the series, she said she loved how her dad portrayed himself.


"He's always himself. No matter what… my father is always going to be true to who he is and mastering his craft." Jasmine said. She also added that Jordan told her to always be yourself and you have to be authentic. Jasmine might like the way her father portrayed himself, but there are few former Chicago Bulls teammates who didn't like they were portrayed. Scottie Pippen is reportedly "beyond livid" at Jordan for how he was portrayed. The same can be said about Horace Grant as called Jordan was a snitch and was lying in The Last Dance.