Watch: Logan Paul Fights 4 Gronkowski Brothers Ahead of Floyd Mayweather Bout

Logan Paul looks more than ready for his big fight against Floyd Mayweather next month. The 26-year-old YouTube star recently took on four Gronkowski brothers in a training session. Each brother went in the ring with Paul for one round, and Rob Gronkowski was the referee. The father of the Gronkowski's was also in attendance.

Paul first took on Glenn Gronkowski, a former NFL player, and Paul dominated him. Chris Gronkowski, another former NFL player, was up next and got knocked down by Paul before the match was stopped. Paul then took on Dan Gronkowski, a former NFL tight end, and he got dropped as well. Gordie Gronkowski was the final brother to face Paul and was overwhelmed by a number of power shots until Rob stepped in to stop the fight.

After the session, Rob praised Paul for his work in the ring but also gave credit to his brothers for stepping in the ring against a trained boxer. Paul has been training for several years but knows his match against Mayweather is not going to be easy. Mayweather has a 50-0 professional record and is considered by many as the best defensive boxer of all time. While Mayweather is not known for knocking his opponents out (27 knockouts in his career), it's difficult for an opponent to know him down. In fact, Sport Bible reports that Mayweather has been knocked down only once in his professional career.

Paul and Mayweather were originally scheduled to battle on Feb. 20, but the fight was postponed in late January. "There a lot of people involved and you've only got one shot at it so you need to get it absolutely 1,000 percent right," Paul said on his podcast. "We're just making sure we're doing that. But yeah, I'm still going to beat the s— out of Floyd Mayweather. Or, maybe he's going to beat the s— out of me, who knows? The point is it's still going to happen."


Mayweather is ready to take on Paul and his younger brother Jake. Last week, Mayweather and Jake Paul got into an altercation after Jake stole Mayweather's hat. After the altercation, Mayweather yelled out, "I will kill you," which led to Logan Paul hiring a security team that's watching them "at all times."