Kansas City Chiefs Make Big Announcement About Britt Reid Crash Victim

The Kansas City Chiefs are doing something very special for a little girl who was seriously injured in a crash involving former assistant coach Britt Reid. On Friday, the Chiefs and the attorneys for the family of the 5-year-old girl announced that the team will provide Ariel Young with world-class medical care and long-term financial stability" for the "rest of her life," according to CNN. 

"Over the last several months, representatives of the Kansas City Chiefs, Ariel Young and Ariel's family have worked together, alongside medical experts, to develop a plan to take care of Ariel — both now, and for the rest of her life," the statement said. "The Chiefs and Ariel's attorney, Tom Porto, announce today that the parties have finalized a comprehensive care plan that provides Ariel with world-class medical care and long-term financial stability."  

"Ariel's recovery is a long road, but she has made great strides and continues to improve every day," the statement continued. "Earlier this fall, she attended her first day of school."  The crash happened on Feb.4 just days before the Chiefs were set to play in the Super Bowl. Ariel suffered a serious brain injury, a parietal fracture, brain contusions and subdural hematomas in a three-vehicle crash in Kansas City. 

Reid was driving his Dodge Ram truck nearly 84 mph less than two seconds before the crash. Police said a Chevrolet Impala was disabled on the ramp of Interstate 435. The driver of the vehicle called family members for assistance, and family members parked their vehicle south of the disabled car.

Reid's blood alcohol concentration was at .113, according to officers. He pleaded not guilty to driving while intoxicated in June. He is set to appear in court on April 18, 2022. The Chiefs initially placed Reid on administrative leave after the crash, but his contract was up after the team lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV, and the team didn't give him a new deal.

"My heart goes out to all those that were involved in the accident, in particular the family with the little girl who's fighting for her life," Chiefs coach Andy Reid, who is also Britt Reid's father, said to reporters after the Super Bowl. "It's a tough situation. I can't comment on it any more than what I am here, so the questions that you have, I'm going to have to turn those down at the time. But just from a human standpoint, my heart bleeds for everybody involved in that."