Britt Reid Enters Plea in DWI Car Crash Case

Britt Reid, former assistant coach for the Kansas City Chiefs, has pleaded not guilty in a DWI car [...]

Britt Reid, former assistant coach for the Kansas City Chiefs, has pleaded not guilty in a DWI car crash case, according to the Associated Press. Reid is accused of critically injuring a young girl in a crash in February near Arrowhead Stadium. The incident occurred two days before the Chiefs played against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Super Bowl.

The judge allowed Reid to drive with restrictions after entering the plea. Reid will have a special interlock device installed in his car and will have to pass a Breathalyzer-type test before driving. The next hearing for the case will be on July 22, which will be a pretrial conference. No trial date has been announced.

One of the cars Reid hit had stalled because of a dead battery. There was a second car on the scene which was owned by a causing who arrived to help. The young girl in one of the cars, Ariel Young, 5, suffered a serious brain injury. Police said that Reid was driving 84 mph before the crash and had a blood-alcohol level of 0.113 two hours after the collision. The legal limit is 0.08. Reid then underwent surgery for his injuries, and the Chiefs placed him on administrative leave. The team then let his contract run out.

Ariel's family launched a GoFundMe page which has raised over $570,000. "She's awake, which is a huge development," said Tom Porto, the family attorney, to Good Morning America. "Likely, she has permanent brain damage that she will endure for the rest of her life. She's not walking. It's a sad, sad, sad story." Porto went on to say that the family wants Reid to be severely punished for his actions.

"We're going to be advocating for the most serious charges and the most serious sentence that Britt could ever receive," Porto told GMA. "We don't have the toxicology back; I don't know what it is going to be. What I do know are the statements that he made to the police that night. If you have two or three drinks, and then you get behind the wheel of a car, you are likely over the legal limit."

Reid is the son of Chiefs head coach Andy Reid. He was hired by the Chiefs in 2013 to be defensive quality control. Britt Reid was then promoted to assistant defensive line coach in 2015 and then defensive line coach in 2016. He then coached the linebackers in 2019 and 20120.