Jerry Jones on Cowboys Players Protesting During National Anthem: 'Our Players Need Help'

Jerry Jones knows the country is in a unique situation when it comes to racial and social issues. A few Dallas Cowboys players are looking to protest during the national anthem. While Jones has a "toe on the line" policy for his players, he understands why athletes feel so passionately about protesting. The Dallas Cowboys owner talked about this on 105.3 The Fan for his weekly Friday appearance.

"No. No one's on the same page," Jones said when asked if his players are on the same page in terms of the national anthem. That's the great thing about America. Everybody (has a different opinion.) If our players are there (on the field), they are sensitive to the public and respect what America is as it relates to the flag. I can assure you of that. I would hope that our fans, which I think that they will, will understand that our players have issues that they need help on, and they need help from the majority of America. They need help."

Jones hasn't said he'll allow players to kneel during the national anthem, but he also wants to support the players, especially now with the Black Lives Matter movement. "On the other hand, I really do recognize our times we're in," he said. "I recognize the ability of the Cowboys to use the visibility and interest we have to support the players. As I've said earlier, we'll come down in a way that gives us a chance to move the ball forward. Move the ball positively forward."

Cowboys defensive lineman Dontari Poe said he's looking to knee during the national anthem, while his teammate, Tyrone Crawford, said the players "definitely have a green light" to express themselves. Earlier this week, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott said it should be up to each player on what they want to do.

"It's about expressing yourself," Prescott said. "I wouldn't say it's going to be about expressing one idea. That's where we are as a country right now. Individuals have different thoughts, different perceptions, and different feelings than their neighbors. So for you to force your opinion and your perceptions on somebody I think isn't very important right now. "If I had it my way, that's exactly what we'd do: Express ourselves individually but love and support one another collectively."