Idaho Plane Collision: Biological Father of 2 of Sean Fredrickson's Children Speaks Out

In tragic news, golfer Sean Fredrickson, his son Hayden Fredrickson, and his two stepchildren, Sofia and Quinn Olsen, died in a plane crash that occurred in Idaho on Sunday. Following the release of that information, those who knew the family best have spoken out regarding this tragic loss. Brian Olsen, the biological father of Sofia and Quinn, has released a statement about the loss of his two children in which he expressed just how dearly they will both be missed.

Olsen wrote an email to FOX 12 Oregon in which he fondly remembered his 11-year-old son Quinn and 15-year-old daughter Sofia. "Sofie is a golden spirit and kept me striving to be better parent. We all appreciated Sofie's skills on the lacrosse field as she competed as part of the Lake Oswego High School team. Quinn looked up to his big sister. We enjoyed attending Portland Trailblazer games together and playing XBOX video games," he recounted. "My children constantly remind me of all the experiences to cherish in our world this day and every day. Great times and the tragic."

On Sunday, Fredrickson, his 16-year-old son Hayden, Sofia and Quinn boarded a floatplane at Lake Coeur d'Alene. Authorities said that two planes collided over Lake Coeur d'Alene and that there were no survivors from the incident, which left eight people dead. April Fredrickson, the biological mother of Sofia and Quinn, as well as Fredrickson's wife, described that the family was on an adventure at the time of that incident.


"My family died while they were on an adventure," April said. "Everyone was so excited to be on that plane… I think that, at the end of the day, they died doing what they loved which was, you know, being together." Like Olsen, April fondly remembered her two late children, telling FOX 12 Oregon, "My daughter was 15 and … she loved life, she literally loved life. My little guy was Quinn. He was 11 and he was my best friend. He was just always in tune with what I needed."