Dwyane Wade Already Has His Daughter Kaavia Watching Film of Her Swimming Lessons

Dwyane Wade was one of the NBA's standout players during his career, primarily with the Miami [...]

Dwyane Wade was one of the NBA's standout players during his career, primarily with the Miami Heat. He won three NBA titles and put in work both on and off the court, a strategy that he is sharing with a young member of his family. Wade already has his 2-year-old daughter Kaavia conducting film study like a professional athlete.

Wade posted a video on Instagram that showed Kaavia sitting in front of a cell phone and snacking on a bowl of Cheerios. The video showed her during some recent swim lessons, which Wade used to prove that his daughter is already taking part in film study. "She's watching film. Train them early!" he wrote in the caption.

This film study is only the latest example Wade is using to show that Kaavia is ready to show off her swimming skills. The trend started back in 2019 when he posted another video of Kaavia, then only 8 months old, getting into the water. She entered the pool and put her face down without any hesitation while holding onto two flotation devices. The video also featured a voiceover describing a female athlete winning several swimming events.

Wade and Gabrielle Union kicked off November by celebrating Kaavia's second birthday. They posted separate slideshows on Instagram that showed her throughout the years, as well as her many expressions of happiness and disappointment. One of the slideshows even featured a photo of Kaavia and Wade napping together in a chair to show off the father-daughter bond.

"The light of our lives. The spark to our joy in dark times," Union wrote on Instagram. "The giggler of farts. The eater of alllll the food. The dancer to the jams. The smart, funny, adventurous, cutie that gave us a different kind of purpose. We [heart emoji] you sooooo much. Happy Birthday babygirl."

Wade also revealed on Nov. 7 that the day was extra-special for him due to multiple loved ones sharing the birthday. Kaavia turned 2 while his mother turned 66. He said that the day was always special due to celebrating Jolinda Wade, but now the day was even better.

"November 7th was always a special day in my life because it's my Mothers birthday but now it's times that special. Happy 2nd Birthday to my BOSS [Kaavia James] [balloon emoji] aka Shady baby aka 2020 Meme Mood [laughing face emoji] Thank you for providing laughter and joy to our lives and so many other families!" Wade wrote on Instagram.