Dwyane Wade Perfectly Photobombs Couple's Proposal Photoshoot

Proposals are special and memorable moments for couples around the world, but former Miami Heat [...]

Proposals are special and memorable moments for couples around the world, but former Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade made one, in particular, even better. He accidentally photobombed a proposal on the beach. His reaction was priceless as he put his hand over his heart.

"When [Dwyane Wade] happens to be taking a sunset stroll on the beach and walks by mid-proposal," Ryan Basch wrote in the caption of his Instagram post. He also added a zoomed-in image that showed Wade's complete reaction. The retired NBA star then posed for a photo with the happy couple. He later reposted the photos on his Instagram Stories, writing, "It was so dope to witness you guys love!"

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"holy molyyy thats the dopest proposal ever," one person commented on social media after seeing the photos. Several others agreed with the sentiment and said that the proposal was truly a special moment due to Wade surprisingly showing up. Basch later posted that he was sending a wedding invite to Wade and his wife, Gabrielle Union.

While the photobomb made for a truly memorable proposal on Santa Barbara Beach, there is some added pressure on the couple. Wade added another post on Instagram and delivered a joking message to them. "I need y'all marriage to work. It's now on my conscious (sic) haha," Wade wrote.

Celebrities have routinely taken the opportunity to photobomb random fans on the street. Arnold Schwarzenegger walked in front of Sylvester Stallone and a fan while smoking a cigar. He stopped and blew a cloud of smoke to obscure his fellow action movie star. Similarly, Guns and Roses guitarist Slash once stood behind an elderly woman as she had her picture taken while wearing a Slash t-shirt.

Comedian Dave Chappelle also brought some entertainment to engagement photos. A couple sat behind a keg while holding little samplers of beer. Chappelle ducked his head in at the last moment and gave a knowing look to the camera.

Celebrity photobombs are nothing new, but several fans argued that Wade was the best. They expressed appreciation for his sincere show of raw emotion, as well as the fact that he held his hand over his heart. Having him stop and take time out of his sunset walk in order to take a photo with the happy couple just increased their appreciation for him.