Danica Patrick Eats a Scorpion in Teaser for ‘Running Wild With Bear Grylls’

Danica Patrick has spent recent years embracing new opportunities, whether it is learning to ski or exploring Egypt. Now she is joining forces with Bear Grylls to learn some survivalist skills. Patrick is on Monday's episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls.

The former IndyCar driver posted the episode's trailer on Instagram Monday, providing a glimpse into her experiences. There was footage of her showing off her driving skills before attempting rock climbing. Grylls also had Patrick eat a scorpion for dinner, an experience that she did not particularly enjoy. "Don't make me eat a scorpion," she said in the trailer.

"Holy moly I am so excited for this to finally be out today!!!!" Patrick wrote on Instagram. "I had such a scary amazing time with [Bear Grylls] for his show [Running Wild] on [Nat Geo]!!!!! Basically I did everything that scares me the most. Go figure. but right on the other side of fear is growth! Thank you for teaching me not only to go do that thing that scares you but do it RIGHT NOW!"

While the trailer was brief, it did showcase a powerful message from Patrick. She explained that doing new things gives an expansion of your "comfort zone." These words served as narration for footage of her skydiving, rock climbing, and eating the scorpion.

This message about expanding the comfort zone is nothing new for Patrick. She has been making a point to embrace new experiences while learning a variety of new skills. She has then provided recaps on Instagram, sparking a variety of comments from her followers.


As an example, Patrick joined friends for a trip to some hot springs. She posted a series of photos on Instagram that showed them during the adventure. She sat in the hot springs, surrounded by a snowy landscape. The temperatures appeared to be cold, but the hot water provided a reason to go for a dip.

"First time to a hot spring. Doing things for the first time seems to be the name of the game for me these days. Um, awesome!!!!! Doing things for the first time brings back a child like quality to life," Patrick explained. The new experiences have continued with learning to wake surf and incorporating cold tubs into her recovery routine. Each time she has tested herself in new ways, Patrick has walked away with a lesson to share.