Danica Patrick Heads to Hot Springs, Raves About New Experiences

Former IndyCar star Danica Patrick is embracing new experiences following her time in motorsports. She tried wakeboarding for the first time in August and recently spent time in some hot springs. She revealed that this new experience brought a "childlike quality" to life.

Patrick posted a series of photos on Instagram that showed her and some companions during the adventure. She sat in the hot springs, surrounded by a snowy landscape. The temperatures appeared to be cold, but the hot water provided a reason to go for a dip. Patrick then explained in the caption of the post how her life has changed in recent months.

"First time to a hot spring. Doing things for the first time seems to be the name of the game for me these days. Um, awesome!!!!! Doing things for the first time brings back a child like quality to life," Patrick explained.

The trip to the hot springs followed the former IndyCar driver heading to the slopes with her companions. Patrick posted a video that showed her getting in some time on the powder and slaloming down the hill. She explained that skiing is a new pursuit for her — although she didn't appear to have any issues navigating down the hill.

While the trips to the hot springs and the ski slopes are new experiences for Patrick, broadening her horizons is not. She has been exploring different hobbies in recent years, during and after her relationship with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. For example, Patrick learned about ice baths and how they can aid in recovery amid a hectic training schedule.


She posted a photo in August 2019, showing herself at the home belonging to Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece. She and Reece stood next to a tub filled to the brim with ice water while one of their friends sat inside. In the caption, Patrick explained that this experience with the cold tub was certainly something new and relatively daunting, but finding the inner strength to fight through the temperature drop was fulfilling in more ways than she expected.

Patrick does not compete professionally anymore, but she continues to stretch herself in various ways. Trying out new sports or recovery methods are examples, as is creating a podcast, Pretty Intense. Some people may shy away from these new experiences, but Patrick explained during her ice bath adventures that a natural high is attainable through "breath, bravery, and confidence" and that people should get addicted to that feeling.