Watch: Danica Patrick Shows off Skiing Skills During Trip Through Magic Forest

Danica Patrick is making moves on a different type of racetrack. The former NASCAR and IndyCar [...]

Danica Patrick is making moves on a different type of racetrack. The former NASCAR and IndyCar driver recently hit the slopes and showed off her skiing skills. She faced off with an unidentified foe in what appeared to be a friendly race and ended the run in a victorious fashion.

Patrick posted a video on Instagram that showed her hitting a ski trail at the Yellowstone Club in Montana. She cruised behind another person for the majority of the run. Patrick went around corners, often taking the inside, before ultimately passing the person on the final corner. She then raised her arms in triumph to show that she won the "race" while the person filming the run began laughing.

"Magic forest trail ride. Kinda like a mini race track. My kinda run," Patrick wrote in the caption of her post. Several people responded and made comments about her skiing skills. They expressed appreciation for the level of competitiveness on display and said that she is making major strides after first picking up the sport.

According to the Yellowstone Club's website, the Magic Forest run is not made for beginners. The trail is marked by a blue square, showing that it is moderate difficulty. The Magic Forest run is one of three moderate tracks on the Little Dipper Lift, and it helped Patrick return to the "racetrack" after retiring from full-time motorsports.

Patrick first revealed that she was taking up skiing with an Instagram post in early February. She took a selfie on her skis and said that it was "Day one or one day. Today was day one." Patrick also posted a video showing her slowly maneuvering in sweeping arcs on a relatively flat portion of ground. Weeks later, she showed herself making professional moves on the slopes.

The recent ski outings have been part of a new chapter in Patrick's life. She revealed with one particular Instagram post that she has been embracing new experiences. Skiing is one example, as is heading to some hot springs in the middle of a snowy landscape and relaxing with some friends.

"First time to a hot spring. Doing things for the first time seems to be the name of the game for me these days. Um, awesome!!!!! Doing things for the first time brings back a child-like quality to life," Patrick explained in the caption of an Instagram post.