Danica Patrick Is All Smiles in New 'Falling in Love' Photo

Danica Patrick continues to move on with her life after breaking up with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers over the summer. On Instagram, the former NASCAR star posted a photo with her smiling as her two dogs embrace her. And in the caption, Patrick revealed why she is so happy.

"Falling in love with the mystery of life," Patrick wrote. She also mentioned a quote from Esther Hicks and Abraham-Hicks Publications, which said: "If the universe delivered everything we wanted as soon as we asked, that would get pretty boring." In September, Patrick talked about relationships on Quibi's The Rachel Hollis Show and had a message for her next boyfriend.

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"The next guy has his work cut out for him because my intuition, my standards, my boundaries, my wants and needs are off the charts," Patrick said. "Cause I've gotten to know me so much more. So it's gonna be so much more narrow and specific. And I think that's the challenge with a relationship. And I said this at the beginning of the last relationship. I was like, 'Look. You either grow together. One grows and one doesn't. Or you grow apart.' I have never experienced growth without pain. Do you agree?"

Patrick and Rodgers split in July after dating for over two years. The reason for the breakup has not been revealed, but fans began to notice possible issues with the couple when Patrick unfollowed Rodgers on Instagram. Before Patrick sent a message to her future boyfriend, Rodgers went on The Pat McAfee Show and talked about being in a "better head space."

"I have just a new and increased love of life," Rodgers said. "And I've made decisions and changes and habits that put me in a lot better head space and there's just a lot of things that have come together in my life over the last few months that have really been enjoyable and reminded me, given me perspective, on life and in football to view things through the most positive lens I possibly can. And that's why I'm having so much fun and it starts with love. And, and then surround yourself with people that you really enjoy." Patrick continues to focus on her various projects after ending her racing career in 2018. Rodgers is currently leading a Packers team that is one of the five teams still undefeated in the NFL.