Cody Rhodes' Wife and Brother React to His WWE Return

Cody Rhodes is back in WWE after making a surprise appearance at WrestleMania 38 this weekend. The former All Elite Wrestling star took on Seth Rollins in a match and came away with a big victory. After the match, Rhodes' wife Brand and his brother, former WWE star Dustin Rhodes, reacted to his return to WWE. 

In a tweet, Brandi wrote that she is "proud of this man" and poster a photo of herself and him together backstage. Dustin also went to Twitter to share his reaction. He wrote, "Get him brother. Love you," and retweeted a GIF showing Cody Rhodes giving Rollins the Cody Cutter. There was speculation and Rhodes' return to WWE after he left AEW when his contract expired. In an interview with The Ringer, Rhodes talked about his "complex" contract with WWE.

"I'm all in [with WWE]," Rhodes told The Ringer, per Wrestling Inc. "It may be the most complex document ever drawn out in the history of our game. This is a full multi-year commitment, not a part-time deal. I'm back doing what I used to, every day on the road. They were wonderful enough to get me a bus, so my family could be with me. I got everyone here with me tonight [for WrestleMania Saturday]. They bet on me, so I'm going to bet on WWE. I'm really looking forward to it."  

Rhodes was then asked what his contract is complex.  "Like The Undertaker said a couple of times in his [Hall of Fame] speech last night, perception is reality often in this industry. And the perception of me is all over the place. 'Oh, he's an egomaniac, he asked for all this money.' It's kind of fun to hear it, but in reality, I grew up here. I didn't know what a contract was, I think I was 19 when I was in OVW. Now it's a different story; it's no longer, 'this has to be a certain way.' It's more a case of me being one of the founding fathers of AEW, and I wanted to ensure that I left with the utmost respect. Nobody here is lazing enough to make AEW jokes or bingo hall references, or any of that, because I have nothing against them. It was time for me to move on."

Rhodes first competed in WWE from 2006 to 2016 and won the Intercontinental Championship twice and the Tag Team Championship six times. He then spent time in Ring of Honor and New Japan before getting AEW launched in 2019. During his time in AEW, Rhodes was an executive vice president and won the AEW TNT Championship three times.