Chad Johnson Gives $1,300 Tip for Keeping Server 13 Minutes Past Closing Time

Former Cincinnati Bengals star wide receiver Chad Johnson has not played in the NFL since the 2011 season. However, he still turns heads for different reasons, including leaving large tips at some of his favorite dining spots. As an example, Johnson recently left $1,300 for servers after keeping them working 13 minutes past the closing time.

Johnson said that he would spend a considerable amount of money to get some food prior to heading to the restaurant. "Headed to my Cuban spot for dinner, I'm being somewhat of an inconvenience for the kitchen & staff being that they close at 10pm but i will be sure to bless l my server $100 for every minute after 10pm for the trouble," Johnson tweeted. He then backed up his promise by tweeting a photo of his receipt.

This outing was not the first time that Johnson has left a lot of money for servers at his favorite restaurant. He also did so back in May, leaving a $1,000 tip on a $37.40 bill, adding in a message congratulating the restaurant on reopening. He also said that he hoped the massive tip would help during the coronavirus pandemic.

Both times that Johnson has left massive tips for the servers at the restaurant, he has received a wide variety of responses on social media. Some people said that his tweets "were not a good look" due to the number of people unable to put food on their tables. However, many others disagreed and said that the former wide receiver was making a concentrated effort to support small businesses. They expressed appreciation for him being able to use his money to help others.

Johnson has continued to enjoy his retirement despite an unceremonious exit from the NFL. He has lent his commentary to EPIX and its NFL show The Grind. He has also embraced other hobbies like learning to play guitar and shining on the golf course.


Of course, Johnson has also spent time handing out cash to people amid the pandemic — although he did so while keeping his distance. The former NFL receiver posted a message on Twitter in mid-June saying that he would be giving out $245,000 in stimulus payments to people with Cash App, a mobile payment service that allows users to spend, save, and invest money. He said that President Donald Trump wanted to "keep playing games," so he would send out his own "stimulus" checks.