Chad Johnson Leaves $1K Tip for Workers at Florida Restaurant

Chad Johnson just helped employees at a Florida restaurant in a big way. On Twitter, the former NFL star wide receiver shared a photo of his $1,000 tip on a $37 bill at the recently reopened Havana's Cuban Cuisine in Cooper City on Monday. Johnson also left a note to the server, which said, "Congrats on re-opening. Sorry about the pandemic, hope this helps. I love you."

The restaurant shared the photo on its Facebook page and sent a message to Johnson. "We would like to thank Chad 'Ocho Cinco' Johnson for his continued patronage," the statement read. "We greatly appreciate your generosity to our employees now during these most difficult times. Many blessings to you and your family. Thank you again!" As mentioned by CBS Sports, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis reopened the state during the coronavirus pandemic. But when it comes to restaurants, capacity is limited to 25 percent. Johnson realizes that restaurant workers are risking their health by working, which led to him leaving the very generous tip.

It's also clear Johnson made sure to save his money over the years of playing in the NFL. Back in 2006, Johnson signed a contract extension with the Cincinnati Bengals for a total value of $35.5 million. Johnson's agent at the time, Drew Rosenhaus said the signing was something he hasn't seen in his career. "As long as I've been doing this, I've never been able to get an extension like this, basically because of the time remaining on the contract," Rosenhaus said to ESPN at the time. "It's historical. And it's a testament to Chad, and how well he's performed, and to Bengals management for the way they have handled this and the commitment they've made to him."


Johnson was one of the best receivers in the NFL during the 2000s. He spent his first 10 seasons with the Bengals before joining the New England Patriots in 2011. Johnson was named to the Pro Bowl six times and the All-Pro Team four times. He was the league's receiving leader in 2006, recording 1,369 yards on 87 receptions with seven touchdowns. He tallied at least 1,100 yards in six consecutive seasons and seven of his 10 years with the Bengals. He got to play in the Super Bowl with the Patriots in 2011, catching one pass for 21 yards in the championship game.