Buccaneers Coach Bruce Arians Says Antonio Brown Has Been a 'Model Citizen' Since Joining Team

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians has been impressed with the way Antonio Brown has looked on and off the field ever since he signed with the team last month. And even with the news of the security camera incident coming out this week, the team is still behind the seven-time Pro Bowler. Arians recently told SiriusXM NFL Radio that Brown has done everything the team has asked him to do and more.

"He's been a model citizen," Arians said in the interview. "If and when he's not, we'll move on. He knows that. Our team knows that. I don't really think we're going to have any problems. We haven't had any so far and I really would not anticipate any." This week, the Miami Herald reported that Brown was accused of smashing a security camera and throwing a bicycle at a security guard on Oct. 15, shortly before he signed a one-year contract with the Bucs. He was not charged as he agreed to fix the damaged camera at Hollywood Oaks in Florida.

Alana Burstyn told the Miami Herald that the issues between him and the Hollywood Oaks homeowners association "have been fully and amicably resolved, and everyone is getting along just fine." She then stated, "I am not sure who is trying to promote this narrative." In another statement, Burstyn said, "Antonio regrets that he lost his cool that day and he has made amends with the HOA (Hollywood Oaks Homeowners Association). However, he is rightly concerned that he is routinely targeted by some people for mistreatment and undue scrutiny because he is Antonio Brown. He wants to be a good neighbor, good citizen and a good teammate.''


Right after Brown signed his contract with the Bucs, Arians sent him a message. "Be a team player or be gone," according to NFL insider Jay Glazer. Brown was brought in after being suspended for the first eight games due to multiple violations of the NFL's personal conduct policy. He has played in two games this year and has caught 10 passes for 100 yards. Last year, Brown only played one game, which was with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, prior to that, he spent nine years with the Pittsburgh Steelers and became one of the top wide receivers in the decade.