Brett Favre's Daughter Brittany Reflects on Family's 'Transformative' 2020

The year 2020 came to an end on Friday, prompting celebrations around the world. Several people couldn't wait to move on to 2021, but one of Brett Favre's daughters took a different approach. Brittany Favre-Mallion looked back on 2020 and remembered a "transformative" year.

Brittany posted a photo that showed her in Colorado standing on a deck. The snowy landscape sat in the background while the sun set and marked the end of the day. Brittany held up number balloons to represent "21." She used the caption of her post to explain why she was thankful for many things in 2020, as well as discuss aliens.

"The sun is setting on 2020 here in Steamboat and I am so thankful for everything I've learned, everyone who has loved me or taught me something, every place I've been, and every obstacle I've faced and left behind," Brittany wrote on Instagram. "This has been the most transformative year for us as a family and it's been an honor to share with y'all! Cheers to 2021 being the year we find our power and we finally find out the truth about aliens [alien emoji]."

Throughout 2020, Brittany used her social media profile to provide updates about her personal life and her health journey. In November, she revealed that she was 18 months sober and that she was celebrating freedom from "my own BS from all the lies I told to myself and about myself." She also said that she was free from the control of drugs and alcohol.

In addition to celebrating sobriety, Brittany reflected upon her hard work and losing weight. She detailed the successes and struggles of the process and touched on the "distorted viewpoints" of the health world. Brittany also explained that she had to learn how to do several different things while going on her weight-loss journey.


"I had to learn how to feed myself, what to feed myself, when to go hard in a workout and when to rest," she wrote on Instagram. "'Never miss a Monday' my ass [laughing face emoji] Miss a Monday if you need the rest and don't think twice about it, we have enough shame and guilt swirling around our daily lives."

Whether she was posting about crocheting, baking, working out or sobriety, Brittany provided an in-depth look into the ups and downs of 2020. She didn't always find success, but she did reveal the lessons learned. Brittany also confirmed that she didn't give up while striving to better herself.