Brett Favre's Daughter Brittany Shares New Selfie While Embracing Her Latest Hobby

Brett Favre exhibited a "never give up" attitude during his Hall of Fame NFL career, which he spent with the Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings and New York Jets. He is not the only member of the family with this mindset, judging by an Instagram post by one of his daughters. Brittany Favre revealed that she recently tackled a difficult project, learning to crochet.

"How many of y'all won't try something because you *might* be terrible at it?" Brittany asked in the caption of her Instagram post. "What's the worst that could happen? You ARE terrible at it? No, the worst that could happen is that we don't try new experiences because of the maybe. This is my first crochet project and probably my last, honestly [laughing face emoji] I just got tired of saying I wish I could."

Brittany continued and explained that she is a "brilliant" negative brainstormer. She explained how she is very good at coming up with reasons to not do something. She listed giving up alcohol, learning to paint, taking time to meditate and going plant-based as some prominent examples.

"I was so good at coming up with reasons, especially when people laughed at me," Brittany continued. "Guess what? People laugh at my weird hobbies every day. I like making people laugh and the stories can be funny later."

As an example of her trying out a new hobby for the story, Brittany revealed that she recently watched The Curse of Oak Island. She drew inspiration from the film and then did some research on the subject. Brittany then purchased a metal detector.


"I never found treasure digging up my yard, I found like 20 aluminum cans," she wrote. "Sometimes the only reason to try is because I want to." Brittany then tried to inspire the people on Instagram by saying that they should spend the weekend trying something that they have always wanted to do.

Brittany previously teased her new hobby with a different post on Instagram. She showed a ball of yarn sitting on the table with the start of a crocheting project. Brittany explained that she has been studying at the "University of YouTube" and that she would unveil the final project in five years if she didn't give up. Her timeline was slightly off considering that she showed off her progress only one day later.