Alberto Del Rio Denies Abusing Ex-Girlfriend Paige

Alberto Del Rio is denying that he abused former WWE Superstar Paige after she publicly accused [...]

Alberto Del Rio is denying that he abused former WWE Superstar Paige after she publicly accused him of abusing her on a regular basis. Paige, whose real name is Saraya Bevis, was recently on GAW TV and talked about the abuse she endured while being in a relationship with Del Rio. The couple broke up in 2017.

"It's like it's up to 6, 7 hours a day you're literally trapped in a certain room and getting your ass beat every couple of minutes, you know what I mean?" Paige said. She also talked about Del Rio now facing criminal charges in Texas for allegedly attacking a different ex-girlfriend back in May. "Karma's a real thing and you put out what you receive -- and right now, he's receiving it," Paige added.

Del Rio recently spoke to TMZ and said he did not abuse Paige. "It was the other way around," he said ... "I have the evidence. Not just words." Del Rio went on to say that he's considering suing Paige for the allegations. "I would say Raya, why? Why? Why are you doing this Raya? And, I'm not calling you Paige because you were never Paige to me, you were Raya," Del Rio continued. "Why would you hurt me in a moment like this?"

Paige said she refuses to call Del Rio by his name "Because he's Voldemort to me." Before the two broke up, Paige and Del Rio had a domestic dispute at Orlando International Airport. At the time, Paige denied any abuse. On GAW TV, Paige explained why she kept quiet.

"I wanted to stay away from the Internet victim blame," said Page as reported by Wrestling Inc. "Even if I don't say anything, they'd be like, 'It's partly your fault and ABC reasons why [you're going through stuff]. Or I would be told all this stuff never happened, it was all your imagination. Now it's all out there. And you put out what you receive. And right now, he's receiving it."

Del Rio could be facing a long prison sentence if convicted. It was reported the last month the former WWE Champion could spend life in prison for sexual assault and aggravated kidnapping based on the state laws in Texas. Del Rio was in WWE from 2008-2014 and then from 2015-2016. He's also a mixed martial artist and has a 9-6 record.