AEW's Cody Rhodes Is Reportedly a Free Agent Now

Cody Rhodes seems to be a free agent. According to Fightful Select (per Wrestling Inc), the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) star's contract expired at the end of 2021. Rhodes' status has reportedly been known by many in AEW for many weeks. It's not known if Rhodes will sign a new contract, but his contract as AEW Executive Vice President is also expired. 

"He's a free agent, with no contract with AEW at the moment," a source said when asked about Rhodes' status as Executive Vice President of AEW. Rhodes, who can be currently seen on the TBS series, Go-Big Show, helped launch AEW in 2019. Along with doing a lot of work behind the scenes, Rhodes also is one of the top competitors in the company, winning the AEW TNT Championship three times. In an interview with Sports Illustrated in December, Rhodes talked about his future with AEW.

"As of now, my future is with AEW," he said. "AEW would be very strange without the core members of the revolution. We all still talk. We all have this admiration for each other. I can't see myself anywhere else, and I'm very optimistic about what the future holds." Rhodes is married to fellow AEW star Brandi Rhodes, and the couple welcomed a daughter into the world named Liberty. This has led to a change in his perspective when competing in the ring.

"Being a parent, it's changed my perspective," Rhodes says. "My goal is to wrestle for this little girl. I don't even know if we'll have her watch wrestling when she's so young, but there is a picture of my father and sister, and he's bleeding but she's giving him a kiss on his forehead. To me, that's a reminder of why we do this. I'm doing this to take care of my daughter, and I want her to be proud."

Rhodes is the son of the late WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes. His half-brother, Dustin Rhodes, also competes in AEW after spending years in WWE and WCW. Cody Rhodes also competed in WWE from 2006-2016 and won multiple titles during his run with the company, including the Intercontinental Championship twice, the WWE Tag Team Championship three times and the World Tag Team Championship three times.