'Go-Big Show' Season 2: Cody Rhodes Details What to Expect From New Season (Exclusive)

The first season of Go-Big Show was a huge hit for TBS, leading to the series being renewed for a second season, which will premiere on Thursday at 9 p.m. ET. But will Season 2 of the talent show be bigger than the first? Cody Rhodes, All Elite Wrestling Star who is also a judge on Go-Big Show, spoke to PopCulture.com this week and revealed what fans can expect from the new season. 

"I think one of the things that was most exciting for me, going back for a second season of Go-Big Show, having had such a successful first season, was now that the show has an identity and an awareness and penetration when it comes to the actual, the full world, we were able to cast a wider net," Rhodes told PopCulture. "So that just means more talent, that means more unique contestants and more unique acts. And I'm sure plenty of people who've seen the sizzles and the trailers and all that can see that ultimately the level of risk has really been amplified when it comes to this second season."

Go-Big Show showcases talents that are larger than life. Some of the stunts featured on the show are monster trucks, alligator trainers and stunt archery — and the competitors go head-to-head to impress the judges and advance toward the finale's $100,000 prize. 

"You can't leave anything out there," Rhodes stated. "Right now my mind is drawn to James Carter, freestyle motocross contestant, who I believe is in the very first episode and just... The literal Macon Colosseum can't always hold these acts. I can't imagine what happens for Season 3 if it happens, just because yes, they continue to get bigger. And bigger means more exciting and higher scores and people closer to a hundred thousand dollars."

Bert Kreischer hosts Go-Big Show while Rhodes is one of the four judges along with Rosario Dawson, Jennifer Nettles and T-Pain, who replaced Snoop Dogg. Rhodes said T-Pain had no problems fitting in and taking part in all the action. 

"T-Pain, he just dove right in," Rhodes said. "One thing I thought was really fun, though, and I don't know if this is common knowledge or not, but the dude is always walking around with a Beats Pill, one of those speakers. He's surrounded by music. And I thought that was pretty groovy. T's wonderful. And he got involved in more acts than I think any of the other judges did this season. And that's a lot of fun, especially when these acts are as risky as they are."