Watch: Aaron Rodgers Reports to Packers Training Camp Following Dispute With Team

Aaron Rodgers is back with the Green Bay Packers. According to ESPN, the star quarterback reported to training camp on Tuesday morning, and it looks like his feud with the team could be coming to an end. Rodgers was in California on Monday but arrived in Green Bay on a private plane that night. This is the first time Rodgers has been with the Packers since his exit interview following the Packers' loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC Championship game.

Rodgers' arrival comes shortly after the three-time MVP and the Packers working on a new agreement where he can choose his path after the 2021 season. Adam Schefter reported that Rodgers wasn't planning to show up at camp and sit out the entire 2021 season. Now, he has a chance to play one more season with the Packers before he can join another team.

Rob Demovsky of ESPN points out that Rodgers is at camp, but that doesn't mean he will practice with the team starting on Wednesday. The new agreement has not been finalized, so Rodgers could sit out until the deal is done. Had Rodgers not reported to camp, he would be fined $50,000 daily. Rodgers was fined $93,000 for missing team-related activities during the offseason.

In April, it was reported by Adam Schefter of ESPN that Rodgers wasn't returning to the team this upcoming season. Rodgers never confirmed or denied the report, but revealed the issue he has with the team on SportsCenter in May.


"I think sometimes people forget what really makes an organization," Rodgers said at the time. "History is important, legacy of so many people who've come before you. But the people, that's the most important thing. People make an organization, people make a business and sometimes that gets forgotten. Culture is built brick by brick, the foundation of it by the people, not by the organization, not by the building, not by the corporation. It's built by the people." Rodgers is looking to win another Super Bowl with the Packers before he moves on. The team came close the last two years, coming up short in the NFC Championship games. With Rodgers back in the mix, the Packers should be on the top of the list when it comes to being a Super Bowl contender.