Boxer Otto Wallin Believes He Has Coronavirus, Family Member Recently Tested Positive

Heavyweight boxer Otto Wallin, who faced off with Tyson Fury in 2019, revealed that he believes he has COVID-19. He hasn't been tested but has displayed symptoms. Wallin also revealed that his mother's boyfriend tested positive for the coronavirus shortly after she visited the boxer.

Speaking with TMZ, the 29-year-old Wallin explained that his mother had recently made the trip from Sweden to NYC to visit him. When she returned home, she began to feel ill. Her boyfriend also became sick, and he went to get tested. The doctors confirmed that he had coronavirus. Wallin felt that he had been exposed following his mother's visit, so he quarantined himself.

"I'm feeling fine, but I've been having symptoms for the virus. Right now I'm better but I don't have any taste or any smell," Wallin told TMZ. "So, I felt like I had a fever but I didn't. And, then like I was starting to get better, and then all of a sudden I lost my smell and taste.

"My mum was here in New York with me, when she got back [to Sweden] she started having symptoms. At the same time, I also started having symptoms," Wallin continued. "Then her boyfriend a few days after started feeling really sick. He's a diabetic, he's a risk group. He tested positive, he's the only one that's been tested."

As the heavyweight boxer explained, he likely would not have taken the situation as seriously had he been unaware of the current situation around the world. However, he is now taking extra precautions.

"I felt a little off but that was about it. I probably would have gone about my normal life if I didn't know that this was going on," Wallin said. "So I've been quarantined since Saturday so that's been over a week now."

Wallin has not been tested despite believing that he has the coronavirus. He explained to TMZ that he did contact his doctor about his illness but was told that there was "no reason" to get tested.

"When I started having the symptoms I spoke to a doctor and explained everything. He said because I don't have severe symptoms, there's no reason for me to get tested," Wallin said. "Instead, save the tests for those who need it and take the pressure off the hospitals."


Wallin is 20-1-1 in his professional boxing career, including 20 straight victories. He most recently faced off with Fury in September 2019 and lost by unanimous decision after 12 rounds.

(Photo Credit: David Becker/Getty Images)