'The Voice': Blake Shelton Jokes About Kelly Clarkson's 'American Idol' Past

When it comes to the coaches on The Voice, you can always count on there to be a little friendly [...]

When it comes to the coaches on The Voice, you can always count on there to be a little friendly competition amongst them. On Tuesday's episode of the NBC competition, Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton got into a bit of a spat as they both attempted to get the same contestants to join their teams. At one point, Shelton even took a jab at Clarkson's time on American Idol after the "Because of You" singer tried to get the contestant to join her team by sharing how she won a singing competition in the past.

According to PEOPLE, their playful banter started when Clarkson attempted to get Gihanna Zoe to join her team. Clarkson told Zoe during the episode, "I've obviously navigated a singing competition myself before, so I do think there is some strategy to it. I feel like we would be a good fit together. That's why I turned around. I was really impressed by you." Zoe eventually did chose to be a part of Clarkson's team. Later on in the episode, the talk show host also used her American Idol past to try to get Deion Warren to join her team. She told the contestant, "Pick, I don't know, someone who has won a vocal competition." Fellow coach Nick Jonas then said, "Or [pick] someone who hasn't [won] and has a lot to prove." This time around, Warren chose Jonas.

Elsewhere in the episode, host Carson Daly also spoke about the fact that Clarkson won the inaugural season of American Idol. He told the other coaches, "She's won a show just like this. Arguably she knows more about this than any of you." Shelton then joked, "The show is canceled," in reference to the fact that American Idol was canceled on Fox (but later revived for subsequent seasons on ABC). The country singer's jokes didn't stop there. He went on to joke that Clarkson "couldn't complete her team" and that she is a "terrible coach," as Good Housekeeping noted.

This jab wasn't the first time that Clarkson and Shelton have joked around while filming The Voice. Earlier this season, the "God's Country" singer joked that Clarkson had gone "completely Hollywood" and that she had forgotten about her roots. In turn, she said that Shelton is the one who is on "covers of magazines" and that he's engaged to former Voice coach Gwen Stefani. Viewers can follow along with all of the coaches' antics on The Voice, which airs on Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.