'The Voice': Ariana Grande's Battle Advisor Potentially Unveiled by Fans

Ariana Grande will soon make her debut as the newest coach on The Voice. In advance of her debut, the official Twitter account for The Voice released a video in which they teased who Grande's Battle Advisor would be. Based on all of the reactions to the video, the singer's fans believe that Kristin Chenoweth will serve as Grande's Battle Advisor in the upcoming season.

In the video, all of the coaches — Grande, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, and John Legend — talk with their Battle Advisors. However, to keep their identities a secret, they blurred the individuals' faces and distorted their voices. Grande got to ask her Battle Advisor a series of questions, the first of which was regarding their musical influences. In turn, her Battle Advisor said that her influences are Dolly Parton, Carol Burnett, Madeline Kahn, Julie Andrews, and Grande herself.

Grande then asked a bit of a random question, as she asked the Battle Advisor what species of animal they would like to be able to communicate with. The advisor said, "I was recently at the zoo and, for some reason, the cockatoo responded to me. So, it would be the cockatoo." This answer, in particular, had fans convinced that it's Chenoweth. In May, the Pushing Daisies star posted a photo of herself at the Audobon Zoo. Interestingly enough, Grande liked the photo in question. Of course, this could be a coincidence. However, fans have flocked to Twitter to share the photo as evidence that Chenoweth is Grande's Battle Advisor.

Grande and Chenoweth have been friends for some time. So, it wouldn't be too surprising if the West Wing alum was her Battle Advisor. In June 2020, Chenoweth told Us Weekly that their friendship goes all the way back. The two reportedly met when Grande was only a young girl when she got to meet the star during her turn in Wicked. Chenoweth said about the singer, "She's my little nugget. I love her so much." She went on to recall the time when she first met Grande.


"Her Nana and mom brought her backstage and she goes, 'I want to be you when I grow up.' And I was like, you're so little … she came up to my waist. I felt like Heidi Klum," Chenoweth said. "And then we stayed in touch." Will Grande and Chenoweth be able to reunite during the upcoming season of The Voice? Fans will have to tune in to find out. The newest season of The Voice will premiere on Monday, September 20 on NBC.