'The Masked Singer' Mystery Celebrity Ruffling Feathers Backstage With Big Entourage

A contestant on The Masked Singer Season 7 is not being as cuddly as many would like. One mysterious celebrity has an entourage so big they are ruffling the feathers of the other contestants. One star even reportedly complained to producers over the incredible size of the posse.

Since secrecy is of the utmost importance for The Masked Singer during product, celebrities will often arrive at rehearsals alone to avoid raising suspicion. However, backstage sources told TMZ that one contestant brings friends, managers, beauty and hair teams, and family members to the set. They claimed they had never seen a contestant show up at rehearsals with such a big crew before.

One contestant in a trailer nearby has reportedly complained to producers because the massive entourage turned their time to relax "into a giant headache," reports TMZ. Of course, sources would not reveal who the celebrity contestant is with the giant entourage.

After the first two weeks of The Masked Singer Season 7, two celebrity contestants have already been unmasked. McTerrier, a member of Team Good, was revealed to be celebrity chef Duff Goodman in the season premiere. This week, sportscaster Joe Buck was unmasked as Team Bad member Ram. Cyclops from Team Bad, Firefly from Team Good, and Thingamabob from Team Cuddly all survived to perform in the March 23 episode.

Before the premiere aired, Deadline revealed that Rudy Giuliani was unmasked as a celebrity contestant during the first day of taping. Panelists Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke reportedly stormed off the set after Giuliani's mask was removed. The news also left Masked Singer fans shocked and frustrated. Jeong, who hasn't been shy about sharing his political beliefs on social media, felt "disrespected" and was "livid" during filming, sources told PEOPLE.

Since Giuliani was not unmasked during the season premiere, some speculated that Giulini's appearance was cut. However, Jean Guerin, Fox Entertainment's vice president for publicity and corporate communications, told Newsweek that episodes are not filmed in order. "The show's general format features three groups across the season, and like most productions, the groups are not necessarily taped sequentially, so we don't always know the order they will air," Guerin said. Giuliani's appearance will still air, Newsweek reports.

New episodes of The Masked Singer air on Fox Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET. Episodes are available to stream the next day on Hulu.