'The Circle' Season 2 Trailer Released by Netflix

More than a year after it first debuted, the wait is almost over for The Circle Season 2! On [...]

More than a year after it first debuted, the wait is almost over for The Circle Season 2! On Monday, Netflix dropped the first trailer for the upcoming season of the fan-favorite social media-based reality show, which will find eight new contestants logging on and entering the Circle as they compete in an even more "strategic" season than the first.

The nearly two-minute-long trailer gave fans their first look at the whirlwind of a season the next batch of episodes is set to be, and even revealed a familiar face in Chloe Veitch, a breakout star from fellow Netflix reality series Too Hot to Handle who now has her eyes on $100,000 prize. Some of her fellow contestants may have a hard time believing she's truly who she says she is, at least according to the disbelief in the trailer. The trailer also teases plenty of drama, with one contestant stating in a voiceover, "people are lying. People are not even who they say they are." The trailer ends with a new profile reveal for a contender who claims they are former NSYNC member Lance Bass, though as Season 1 viewers know, you never truly know who is behind the profile.

While fans will ultimately have to wait and see if Bass is truly one of the contestants, fans are already being introduced to some of the players of Season 2. Along with Veitch, Season 2 will also find 27-year-old Chico, California native Bryant, Los Angeles natives Courtney and Savannah, 32-year-old Deleesa, 20-year-old Jack, 58-year-old Lee, and 34-year-old Terelisha entering the Circle. It remains to be seen if they play the game as themselves or if they attempt to catfish their competitors. Meanwhile, actress and comedian Michelle Buteau returns to host the season, which debuts on April 14.

Unlike most of its other series, which drop full seasons at one time, The Circle will roll out its 13 episode second season over a four-week course. The first four episodes are set to debut on Wednesday, April 14. The next four episodes will drop Wednesday, April 21 and four more on Wednesday, April 28 before the season finale on Wednesday, May 5.

The Circle tests the influence of social media as eight contestants compete to become the top influencer from the privacy of their own suite. The first season debuted to much fanfare in January 2020, though Netflix did not announce until March of this year that the series would be returning. The series is executive produced by Stephen Lambert, Tim Harcourt, Jo Harcourt Smith, Toni Ireland, Richard Foster, and Chet Fenster.