'The Challenge' Renewed for Seasons 38 and 39: What to Know

Get ready for even more of The Challenge. The long-running reality series was renewed for Seasons 38 and 39, per Variety. The outlet also reported that host T.J. Lavin is set to return.

According to the outlet, production for Season 38 is currently underway. Like The Challenge: USA, Season 38 is being filmed in MTV Entertainment Studios' global production hub in Argentina. Although, it will be some time until the official cast, themes, and titles are revealed. The last season of the flagship Challenge, subtitled Spies, Lies, and Allies, premiered in August and ended in December. 

The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies brought reality TV stars from all across the world to compete for their chance at the $1,000,000 grand prize. Variety reported that they recently spoke with The Challenge's casting director, Skye Topic, who opened up about how the competition tries to keep things fresh on the personalities front. Topic said, "We always try to pull in some big vet names for a return we know the fans will celebrate. When you have a pool of 36 seasons to pull from, and knowing you must make space for new faces, it's just about trying to find the right balance." She added, "You want the vets to be able to onboard the new faces in the series so they can become a returning OG themselves one day."

The Challenge originally only featured former stars from Real World and Road Rules and debuted back in 1998Over time, the show has brought individuals from Big Brother, Survivor, Are You the One?, and Love Island. MTV's The Challenge has been The long-running reality series a lasting reality TV staple that it's even produced a number of spinoffs including The Challenge: All Stars, which is currently airing weekly on Paramount+. Its next spinoff, The Challenge: USA, will premiere on CBS on July 6 directly after the premiere of Big Brother 24.


The Challenge: USA will feature competitors from The Amazing Race, Survivor, Love Island, and Big Brother. The winner of the competition will go on to compete in another Challenge spinoff, The Challenge: World Championship (working title). This spinoff will feature the winners of the Challenge spinoffs around the world — USA, Argentina, the United Kingdom, and Australia — in what will surely be the most intense competition to date.