'The Challenge': Big Update on C.T. Tamburello's Divorce

The Challenge star C.T. Tamburello and his estranged wife, Lilianet "Lili" Solares, have continued making progress in their ongoing divorce proceedings. Recent court filings show Solares has agreed to move out of the Florida home they shared as a married couple and will move into a rental property as soon as possible. Tamburello filed for divorce from Solares in Florida in November 2022 after more than four years of marriage.

In December, Solares filed to get sole possession of the Florida home, but according to new documents TMZ obtained, she has agreed to move out of the home and leave it to Tamburello. He will be required to pay the $7,200 deposit on Solares' new place. She will only be allowed back into the home to get her belongings and some of their son's things.

The former couple is parents to son Christopher Jr., 6. Tamburello will be required to pay $761 a month in temporary child support, according to documents obtained by Us Weekly. They agreed to a split schedule with alternating days for Christopher.

Tamburello, 42, filed for divorce from Solares, 30, in November, adding that their relationship was "irretrievably broken." Solares later filed a request asking for Christopher to live with her temporarily. She wanted their son to stay "apart from the litigation and protected from any stress that may be caused from the hostile situation between the parties," and asked to live in their Florida home exclusively. She asked that Christopher live with her, but could spend equal time with his father.

The former couple married in 2018, with their wedding filmed for the MTV special The Challenge: CT's Getting Married. During a 2020 episode of The Challenge: Double Agents, Tamburello said their marriage was going through a rough patch. The two were separated at the time, although they would later reconcile before Tamburello filed for divorce. There were also divorce rumors in January 2022, but Tamburello shot them down.

"Hey guys, quick PSA about my post from last night, I love my wife, we're not breaking up. I'm sorry if I misled some of you into believing that we were breaking up, that was not my intention," Tamburello said in a January 2022 video. "I'm away filming and we were in between scenes, I was listening to some music and I like that song, I like that remix, so I figured I'd post it why now and didn't think anything of it."  

Tamburello became a reality TV star when he joined the 2003 season of The Real World, filmed in Paris. He continued participating in MTV's Real World and The Challenge seasons. In 2021, he won The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies