'Teen Mom': What Happened After Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney's Confrontation With Ryan Edwards' Parents

The first part of the Teen Mom OG reunion featured one of the most shocking discussions ever between Maci Bookout, her husband, Taylor McKinney, and Ryan Edwards' parents, Jen and Larry Edwards. Fans didn't get to see how the rest of the heated discussion turned out until the second part of the reunion, which aired on Tuesday. Based on how the rest of the two couple's conversation panned out, it doesn't seem as though they were able to come to any kind of resolution.

The segment began where viewers left off, a.k.a. with McKinney and Larry raising their voices at one another. Bookout and McKinney said that they believe that Larry and Jen guilt trip Bentley, whom Bookout shares with her ex, Edwards. They explained that they feel as though Jen and Larry put Edwards' feelings above Bentley's, particularly during a time when the 12-year-old is trying to repair his strained relationship with his father. But, Bentley's grandparents denied the claim. Bookout and McKinney then walked off the set, saying that they did not want to be in that environment any longer. At that point, Jen told the reunion hosts, Dr. Drew Pinsky and Nessa Diab, that it seems as though Bookout and McKinney are the ones hurting because of their behavior. The mom-of-three then shot back that they are hurting, but they're hurting for Bentley.

Pinsky then shifted his focus to Jen and Larry, as Bookout and McKinney walked out of the reunion and were filmed leaving the set in their car. He asked Bentley's grandparents about Edwards' inflammatory comments, as he said that the father-of-three has said negative things about Bookout. Larry and Jen said that they are not aware of Edwards' comments, despite the fact that the reunion showcased footage of Edwards calling Bookout a "b—h." Jen then started to cry, with both she and her husband refusing to listen to any of Diab and Pinsky's explanations as to why Bookout and McKinney were upset.

When Pinsky asked the couple about McKinney's anger, Jen claimed that Bookout's husband is "jealous" of Edwards. But, the hosts shared that they did not believe that was the case. They continued to try to make Larry and Jen see the entire picture in order for them to understand why Bookout and McKinney were frustrated. However, they did not wish to hear it. The segment ended with Jen saying, "I'm done with this show." As Teen Mom fans are aware, following this heated conversation, Edwards, his wife, Mackenzie Edwards, Jen, and Larry were all fired from the show. Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by ViacomCBS Streaming, a division of ViacomCBS.