'Teen Mom' Reunion: How Maci Bookout's Husband and Ryan Edwards' Parents' Argument Panned Out

The latest season of Teen Mom OG featured Maci Bookout's son Bentley attempting to repair his [...]

The latest season of Teen Mom OG featured Maci Bookout's son Bentley attempting to repair his relationship with his father, Ryan Edwards. During the first part of the Teen Mom OG reunion, which aired on Tuesday night, Bookout, her husband Taylor McKinney, and Edwards' parents, Jen and Larry Edwards, all discussed the situation. But, things quickly took a turn when Larry and McKinney got into a heated discussion about Edwards' behavior.

Bookout and McKinney spoke to the reunion hosts, Dr. Drew Pinsky and Nessa Diab, first before Jen and Larry entered the set. (The cast filmed the reunion virtually and appeared from their respective home states due to the COVID-19 pandemic.) Both McKinney and Bookout said that they don't think that Edwards is sober amidst his struggles with addiction. The MTV personality's husband also said that he did not appreciate how Edwards referred to Bookout as a "b—" at one point during the season. Then, it was time for Jen and Larry to join to discuss the situation. (Edwards and his wife, Mackenzie Edwards, did not take part in filming for the reunion.)

Larry said that he believes that Bentley is being "manipulated" by his mother, something which came as a shock to Bookout. He went on to say, as he became visibly angry and leaned towards where Bookout was sitting, "Hold on, you said that we put him in an unsafe situation." Both he and Jen added that this would "never" happen. McKinney then interjected to say that he does not appreciate how Larry and Jen have been handling the situation, especially given Edwards' past behavior towards him and his wife.

"When you're forcing him, when y'all are showing up to something, and you're telling him, 'Go over there and give your dad a hug. Go take a picture with your dad.' Bentley is a child. Stop forcing a relationship on the child," McKinney said. He added that Edwards has "never" been there for Bentley, which did not sit well with Jen or Larry. At one point, McKinney said that Larry was a "sorry son of a b—h" for sticking behind Edwards amid the situation. Larry then said that McKinney's behavior is what they dealt with three years ago when they experienced a similar strain on their co-parenting relationship.

The segment ended with McKinney telling Edwards' father that they should put Bentley "first" and not stick up for their son, whom he referred to as a "sorry excuse of a human being." Both of the men stood up at various points during the heated conversation, with both of their wives trying to get them to calm down. The episode ended in the midst of their argument. So, fans will have to tune in next week to see how the rest of their conversation pans out. Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by CBS Interactive, a division of ViacomCBS.